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Built-in Sounds

The following sounds are included in the sounds directory.

Display Name File Name Source
Canary (1) canary1.wav
Canary (2) canary2.wav
Canary (3) canary3.wav Unknown
Cardinal (1) cardinal1.wav
Cardinal (2) cardinal2.wav
Meadowlark meadowlark.wav
Song Sparrow songsparrow.wav
Wood Thrush woodthrush.wav

Custom Sounds

We completely realize you may want your own sounds. Heck, you may be completely sick of bird sounds -- and, we can't blame you. This is why we're planning on allowing you to use your own sounds. Unfortunately, we haven't had the time to work on it, due to priorities. If you want to see this sooner, vote for the feature. We tend to work on the features/bugs that are voted on the most. You can always go the "squeaky wheel" route by using the discussion forum or by simply sending a tweet to @chirpr.

Suggesting Sounds

Got a good sound byte? Let us know. We'd love to have some original sounds, too. We don't want to go crazy, tho, so we'll probably stick to under 25 sounds that are around 2-3 seconds in length. The longer clips tend to get annoying, when you hear them over and over. Of course, this isn't a hard rule, so if you have a great sound, let us know. We're also open to non-bird sounds. Sure, it's Twitter, but we all get sick of the bird theme sometimes... Shhhhh! Don't tell.

Finding Sounds

Your guess is as good as ours. The sounds we included were found with a few well-crafted searches using our favorite search engine. If you have some suggestions, let us know.

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