Error: Hit Threshold Looking for Entry Point

Mar 8, 2009 at 2:56 AM
Had a quick scout around the rest of the forum and I couldn't see this problem anywhere so I shall give it a bash.

I'm not really sure whether or not the error appearing in my logis related to the problem I'm having.

Problem: When trying to send a new Chirp, I find that the buttons when I try to click on them become unusable- The thing seems to freeze until I click away from the application. I am able to type a message, but as soon as I attempt to send it, the typing cursor disappears and I can't do much.

The error I'm receiving seems to be something to do with Checkpoints, I dunno if that helps.

Thank youuuuu!
Apr 30, 2009 at 6:36 AM
I've seen that happen in the past. I'm not sure why it's happening, but it's been on my list of things to look into. I never associated it with the checkpoints, tho. One way to test that out is to disable logging. You may want to give the 0.5 pre-release a shot, since it has logging disabled by default and fixes the bug in 0.4 that won't save your logging settings after a restart.

Either way, I'll keep this in mind the next time I start looking at the logging code.

FYI - The checkpoints are simply a way to limit the size of the logs. The logging code marks the beginning and end of every major code block and tries to collapse them when there are no errors within the block. The theory was that doing this would keep the logs down to a managable size. That hasn't worked out as well as planned, which is why it's disabled by default in 0.5. That's yet another thing that needs a second (and third?) look.

Thanks for sharing your experience. You may have clued in on what the real problem is!